Mission Statement

Shilla Warrior Martial Arts enriches lives through martial arts.


Our mission at Shilla Warrior Martial Arts is to develop complete individuals. Through our martial arts programs, we help our students achieve life balance and find happiness, build self-confidence, improve physical fitness and discover inner peace.


We teach that through determination and perseverance our students can reach their goals, not only in martial arts, but in all areas of their lives. The principles of Shilla Warrior Martial Arts, the leadership of our masters and instructors and how we support one another are what truly bind us together as a school and as a community. We teach that to be a martial artist is to be elite; martial artists are protectors and defenders.


The first Shilla Warrior Martial Arts was born of Master Park’s Black Belt America which was established in 2004 in Marlboro, New Jersey, by Grand Master Haeng Soon Park, Master Steve Park and Master Sunny Park. Under the trios guidance the business has grown from a single unit in Marlboro, to a multi-unit business of martial arts schools with headquarters in Marlboro. The team has applied their drive, knowledge and skills to successfully guide the training facilities to this exciting franchising juncture.



Shilla Warrior Martial Arts

87 South Main St.,

Marlboro, NJ 07746

Phone. 844-744-5521

Email. info@shillawarrior.com